COVID-19 and Our Commitment to the
Community of New Hampton
Guidelines to Resuming Church at Harvest - May 1, 2020:

Harvest Church is a warm, friendly, family-style church, and we want to keep it that way.

Harvest is also a church that minimizes rules and regulations. But in order to resume
worship services in our building this Sunday, we will have to follow some guidelines for
everyone’s sake. Those guidelines will feel very awkward at first, but are necessary if we
are going to be able to continue meeting in person.

Please only come if you are feeling well and haven’t been directly exposed to the virus.

If you are in a more vulnerable category due to age or medical issues, please weigh

carefully whether or not to attend. We respect your ability to make your own decisions
about risks and rewards of being in the church building for worship. We will welcome all
who come. But we will also continue live-streaming our services and we will understand
if you choose to worship from home.

If you have younger children who are difficult to “corral,” you may want to worship from

home a little longer. Children are expected to abide by the same policies as everyone else,
parents are expected to strictly keep children in the social distancing guidelines. Over time
we will find ways to resume children’s church, but with the short time we have to prepare,
we simply aren’t ready for this.

Face masks are optional.

Coffee will not be available, and we ask that people not gather in the lobby or other spaces.

Please enter the building by the entrance on the lower lever (the one by the elevator).

After entering, please proceed to the sanctuary via the double doors in the back,

find a seat, sit down and remain in that place.

Hand sanitizer will be available in the lobby area. Please use it coming and going.

The front row is reserved for the worship team, pastor and their spouses.

The sanctuary is arranged to respect 6’ social distancing guidelines. In some places,

two or three chairs are together. Those clusters of chairs are reserved for couples or families
who are not social distancing at home. Do not sit with anyone you are not already sharing
space with outside of the church.

Please fill the sanctuary from the front to the back (yes, you may not get to sit in your usual

spot) and exit the church from the back to the front. This will help keep us socially distanced.

Keep a 6’ distance from others when you are coming and going. No handshaking,

hugging or other contact. If you won’t observe this, please don’t come. Don’t ruin the
opportunity to worship together for everybody else.

We realize this is going to be very difficult in our normally open and friendly church,

but this is going to be our reality for a while. Please respect these guidelines for the sake
of the whole church.
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